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Key features of the off-road light duty electric pickup truck


Environmentally Friendly: Powered by a dual motor electric drive system, this pickup truck produces zero emissions, making it environmentally friendly and contributing to a cleaner and greener future. Additionally, it operates silently, eliminating noise pollution in urban and rural environments.

High Performance: Our pickup truck incorporates advanced battery technology and a dual motor drive system, providing remarkable performance and impressive acceleration. Experience the sheer power and agility that comes with electric mobility.

Maneuverability: Designed with a compact size, this pickup truck effortlessly navigates through bustling city traffic. Its agility and nimbleness make it ideal for urban deliveries and short-distance transportation, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

Load Capacity: The Off-Road Light Duty Electric Pickup Truck boasts a robust load capacity, enabling hassle-free transportation of goods and materials. With its durable construction and practical design, it meets the demands of various industries and commercial applications.

All-Weather Usage: Featuring an impressive IP65 protection rating, this pickup truck can withstand diverse and challenging weather conditions. Be it rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, rest assured that your vehicle will perform reliably in any environment.

Applications of the Off-Road Light Duty Electric Pickup Truck:

City Delivery: Perfectly suited for express delivery services, food delivery, and other urban logistics needs. This pickup truck ensures swift and efficient transportation within city limits, optimizing your business operations.

Logistics Transportation: With its focus on short-distance cargo transportation, our pickup truck caters to the fast-paced and dynamic logistics industry. Count on its reliable performance to meet your logistics requirements with speed and efficiency.

Urban Services: As a versatile utility vehicle, the Off-Road Light Duty Electric Pickup Truck serves various purposes, including sanitation and city patrolling. Experience its reliability and functionality, making it an indispensable asset for urban service applications.

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