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Our History

Herun Technology (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yunnei Power Group, is a leading manufacturer of electric pickup trucks, located in China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. As the premier producer of small and medium bore engines in China, Yunnei Power Group has rich resources in product technology, sales service networks, overseas market layouts, and domestic supply chains.

Herun Technology integrates advanced production technologies, standards, and industrial chain supporting facilities in three major industries: new energy vehicles, engines and traditional fuel vehicles, and lubricants.

Our Products includes the following:

EV pickup truck: mainly include the Adventurer, Overseas Cloud, European Drive, Closed Cargo ,European Drive, King Single-row 4WD, King Double-row 4WD and other models

Our product is a perfect all-round workmate. The car let you accomplish most of your daily commute tasks.Great power makes it to have a good climbing capability.  Installed automatic anti slip up intelligent controller function, almost completely elements ramp slip car trouble. The vehicle acts steady on any road condition. It allows you to customize according to a variety of different needs.

Electric generator: The power generation technology is developed based on diesel engines used in YUNNEI vehicles, with a large social inventory and reliability that has been fully validated by the market. The displacement ranges from 1.0L to 48L, and the power covers 12-1900KW.

YUNNEI power generation technology has a wide coverage, including 1500rpm low-speed power generation, 1800rpm cold chain-specific power generation, and 3000-3600rpm high-speed power generation, among other products.

Compared to other technologies, our power generation technology has advantages such as high reliability, high power, small size, light weight, green and environmentally friendly, and fuel-efficient, with electronic fuel injection technology covering the entire power range.


We are proud to announce that in September 2022, Herun Technology and Chery International reached a strategic cooperation, becoming one of the four core exporters of Chery International in the world. We have in-depth cooperation with Chery International in Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America, and other regions to carry out market development and export of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles. Looking to the future, we will continue to increase investment to ensure the output of high-quality products by introducing new technological applications. Our goal is to provide the most competitive products and technologies to international partners while helping them complement each other's advantages and achieve higher-quality development.

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