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What are the design and performance characteristics of extended range light duty electric pickup truck?


Axle: Equipped with a light truck-style integrated axle, providing strong load-bearing capacity for various loading and hauling needs.

Steering System: Utilizes a rack and pinion steering mechanism, delivering precise and responsive steering performance for a satisfying driving experience at higher speeds.

Rear Suspension System: Features a variable-stiffness leaf spring, ensuring both load-carrying capability and comfort, adapting to various rugged road surfaces.

Brake System: Utilizes a front disc and rear drum brake configuration, delivering powerful braking performance. The brake lines are made of metal Bundy pipes, providing a secure and reliable setup for high-speed driving.

Maximum Speed: The standard vehicle speed is set at 40 km/h, but with the 4.5kw and

5.5kW motor as total 10kw , it can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h, offering quick acceleration and outperforming competitors in its class.

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